Yummy and Quick Types of Soil Project

If you’re teaching types of soil, then this yummy project is perfect! Here is the tutorial for making edible soil in see-through plastic cups. Your students will enjoy this memorable project of layering their different types of soil, labeling them and then eating them!This Earth and space project was designed for use with third grade, but can be used at any grade level. Ask for parent donations and you’ll have the ingredients to make bedrock, subsoil, topsoil, humus and of course… worms!Source: glitterinthird3.blogspot.comEdible Types of Soil ProjectCollect the ingredients needed to make each layer of soil so that each student will be able to have a cup and a decent amount of “soil” to work with. You can use items like cereal to create the bedrock layer of soil and topsoil. Candies are perfect for acting as humus and creepy crawly worms.Don’t forget subsoil! Using yummy marshmallows, cheerios, cocoa krispies (for color), mini M&M’s and gummi worms – you’ve got the makings for an excellent and memorable project to teach types of soil.CONTINUE READING ON THE BLOGHave You Seen?

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