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Our state standardized math test is coming up which means it is review time!My kids still struggle to understand that units of measurement have categories. Let me share what I mean.For example, they want to use meters for capacity.Or liters for length. (I know, it makes no sense)So to help them recognize which category each unit of measurement belongs to, I created a units of measurement sorting worksheet.I used this sorting units of measurement activity (along with others) last year with my kiddos and I will definitely use it again this year when we review for the big test.To complete this units of measurement sorting activity the students cut out all of the measurement words. Then they sort each word into the proper category — length, weight, mass and capacity. Category labels are included too.I hope this is something you are able to use…Continue Reading On My Blog– Originally posted on Teaching Blog Addict| Submit Your Tip |More Measurement

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