St. Patrick’s Day Counting By 2, 5, 10 {Free Download}

Students can use this St. Patrick’s Day Counting By 2, 5, 10 free download game during a math center or for individual practice. Addresses counting by 2’s 5’s and 10’s with a recording sheet for multi-sensory approach with hands on and then individual practice. Recording sheet allows for additional practice in addition to teacher monitoring of skill progression and mastery.Students sort the cards by pictures as there is a different picture for all 3 skills. There is also a “rule” card for what counting pattern to follow with each set. Students get one set and put those numbers in the correct order according to the counting rule. Then they can complete the recording sheet for additional practice.Great for Kindergarten and beginning first graders or 1st grade kiddos that need remediation or additional practice.Continue Reading On My BlogSt. Patrick’s Day Counting By 2, 5, 10 {Free Download}More St. Patrick’s Day

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