Place Value Easter Bunny Color By Code

Make working on understanding the digits in place value fun. Here are Easter themed color by code place value worksheets. Students have to identify where the digits are located in regards to their place value and color according to the key.These bunnies driving Easter eggs are a great themed way to check in on how students understand this skill with a good amount of repetition.Featured from Teaching Idea TuesdayEaster Place Value Worksheets – Color by CodeColor an Easter or springtime bunny driving an egg car according to the numbers in the coloring key. The numbers are labeled in the ones, tens and hundreds place. The worksheet picks out 3 digit numbers or has students solve an addition equation.The final product is a colorful picture that has had student paying attention to the values of each numeral.There are eight different worksheets with half including adding three digit numbers.CONTINUE READING ON THE BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?

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