Guided Reading “Snapshot” Assessments

I’ve found it really helpful to do guided reading “snapshots” throughout the year. My students are assessed using running records, tests from our reading programs, and other informal assessments.However, sometimes I just want a quick assessment that’s performance-based and easy to use.Sometimes I feel like I don’t get enough real information from reading program assessments. I LOVE running records, but they take a while and they are not parent-friendly.So, I came up with the following “snapshot” assessment and skill check to use throughout the year.These “snapshots” have two purposes.For the teacherThese “snapshots” allow the teacher to keep track of student progress, strengths, and goals.For parentsThese guided reading “snapshots” communicate clearly how their child is doing during guided reading, what their strengths are while reading, and what goals I have for their child.Come over to my blog and see how I use these two “snapshot” assessments… and grab your own free download to use them in your classroom.I’d love to hear how you all assess your students and communicate with parents.Thanks for reading! 🙂Continue Reading On My Blog– Originally posted on Teaching Blog Addict| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen

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