Fun Elapsed Time Clock Hunt Activity

Make teaching elapsed time easier with a free printable activity. Here is a telling time activity to add and subtract time for third graders, fourth graders and fifth graders. Students solve a word problem and find the matching clock around the classroom – making this a “get up and move” activity students will enjoy.Source: mathgeekmama.comExploring Elapsed TimeOnce kids know how to tell time to the minute, they’re ready to start working on more complex questions regarding time and elapsed time. Having to add and subtract with time can pose a challenge for many kids! To help explore these ideas, check out these free resources from Bethany at Math Geek Mama! She shares two different free downloads to practice elapsed time problems, including a “Perfect Summer Day” activity where students make a schedule of all their favorite activities and determine the total time of each, as well as a “Clock Hunt,” where kids have to solve the word problem correctly, and then go find the correct clock. These are great to use with third-fifth graders and teaching tips are included!CONTINUE READING ON MY BLOG| Submit Your Tip |More Math Activities

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