Free Money Puzzles: Counting Coins and Bills

Counting coins and bills practice with free puzzles. Here is a set of free counting money puzzles to print and use with second grade. This set of 18 3-piece puzzles will have your students matching the money in coins/bills, with the total amount in words to the value in numbers. Make counting money fun with additional practice that isn’t a worksheet!Source: mathgeekmama.comFree Counting Money PuzzlesBeing able to correctly add coins and dollar bills is something every young mathematician needs to know, but it definitely takes practice! Make it more fun with this free set of money puzzles from Bethany at Math Geek Mama! This set includes 18 different puzzles that can be laminated and cut out to be used over and over again. These also allow kids to practice recognizing number words and money in the correct form, and would make a great math center game or activity for early finishers!CONTINUE READING ON MY BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?

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