Dice Games Rock! Earth Day Vocabulary Roll and Read

Give your students a fun way to practice Earth Day vocabulary with this dice game. Here is an Earth Day themed roll and read set of 3 pages. Students will use one of 3 dice games pages to roll and read the related words or sentences.This activity can help reinforce vocabulary related to caring for the Earth, and help build reading fluency.Featured from Teaching Idea TuesdayEarth Day Dice Games – Roll and ReadGet in the Earth day fun during reading time. Partner up students to play roll and read- there are 3 different versions included in this free download. A student rolls a die and reads the high frequency words or Earth day vocabulary based sentence next to the matching die picture.Students take turns rolling and reading. To turn any roll and read sheets into a dice game, give students each a colored crayon and have them make a tally mark in the box when they read it to their partner aloud.Students play until they’ve collectively earned “x” number of points and then see how many reading boxes each student “won”… since their color showed up the most.CONTINUE READING ON THE BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?

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