Cool Math for Kids – Counting to 120 Quick Trick

Teaching cool math for kids is a great way to get them hooked! Here is a trick that will make your first graders want to practice counting to 120 (or 100) over and over again.They will want to master quickly finding the numbers in order and play this trick on someone else.Featured from Teaching Idea TuesdayPart of the Common Core standards for first grade includes working with numbers to 120. This is a way to teach kids to quickly put their numbers in order by making it into a “trick.”Perfect for first graders, they will want to get really good at this trick before trying it out with others and therefore practice a lot. They will learn how to visually discriminate the numbers in order by following the page split up into quarters and in a circle fashion.It’s a trick you’ll first play on them and then they’ll be hooked.Continue Reading On The Blog| Submit Your Tip |More Counting to 120

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