9 Simple Birthday Celebrations and Classroom Birthday Wishes

Managing 20-30 birthday celebrations in a year can sometimes be tricky for a classroom teacher. Here are 9 ways to celebrate birthday wishes within your classroom and simple birthday celebration ideas.These are relatively inexpensive or free to do and will make students feel special on their birthday.Birthday CelebrationsYou don’t have to use bulletin board space to recognize student birthdays, so here are some creative ways that you can recognize birthdays. So what fits your style?source: subhubonline.blogspot.comWould you like to give a gift of a balloon pencil? This cute free printable will have a birthday celebration feel when you tape the balloon cutout onto the front of a pencil.Pencils are quite inexpensive which makes this an easy idea to implement for any size classroom. Keep a container of finished balloon pencils on hand so you’re ready all year. {Free printable}source: steppingintofirstgrade.blogspot.comA pencil topper birthday gift is another cute way to give a pencil for a gift. It’s simple to assemble once you print and cut.These are practical and memorable gifts since they’ll think of you each time they write with it! {Free printable}source: frogsandcupcakes.blogspot.comGet your hands on a bargain buy of silly straws the next time you see them. You’ve got exactly what you need to create a birthday silly straws bouquet.This will make for a cute all-year round display in your classroom. This bouquet of balloons will remind you of the pencils above, but adds a twist. Give them a silly straw {every kid should have one} as a fun gift.Won’t they love taking it to lunch that day and showing it off?source: sunshineandteaching.blogspot.comIf you like to display birthday charts this free printable is adorable.It’s a great way to keep the birthdays highly visible for student and teacher reference. These birthday charts are whimsical and feature light-hearted graphics.You’ll love that this tutorial also comes with a free birthday certificate to give to each student. {Bonus Free printable}source: kindercraze.blogspot.comUse a birthday bulletin board to display each of the birthdays in your classroom. You won’t miss any birthday celebrations or birthday wishes when they are clearly displayed like this bulletin board.You can use this free printable set of months to display student photos and their birth dates which makes an undeniably super cute display. {Free printable}Birthday WishesThese ways are inexpensive and perfect to celebrate students with summer birthdays the last week of school so they can have their day in the spotlight too.source: brittmale.blogspot.comSometimes it pays off to build in birthday wishes into your curriculum because it gets students writing! Create a birthday class book so that each student can write birthday wishes to their classmate.It’s great to create a map together of things the student likes, positive attributes about the birthday boy or girl or things they would like for their birthday to give the students enough writing material. {Free printable}source: fernsmithsclassroomideas.comMake the birthday boy or girl feel like a start for a classroom birthday celebration. Create a birthday star book to make each student feel special on their special day.This will also give you the tools to create a birthday graph in addition to sending home a note about being the star student to parents. {Free printable}source: elementarymatters.comBirthday wishes can go both ways! If you love to give the students a sense of legacy, have them donate a book (from your collection) of their choice to the classroom library.They can take it home, but when you doll it up with a very special label of honor inside the book, they are sure to love leaving a piece of themselves behind. These birthday classroom library labels are a great idea! {Free printable}source: teachitwithclass.blogspot.comTurn learning birthdays into part of your reading curriculum for kindergartners. Use a birthday pocket chart to create predictable charts, sentences and allow students to manipulate the names, words and dates.It is a fun way to tie birthday wishes into a literacy center or poetry center.When you know exactly how you want to celebrate birthdays, then when they pop up through the year, you’ll have it under control and ready to go! | Submit Your Tip |More Classroom Printables

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