9 Excellent End of the Year Gifts for $1

I’m a fan of fun end of the year gifts for students. I’m not a fan of breaking the bank to celebrate fun school moments. So here are 9 gifts that are excellent and fun that cost roughly $1 per student.It’ll depend on where you can snag your items from – but if you’re like me and can find goodies at the Dollar Tree – then you’ll be able to pull off a whole class set for very little. Here’s to celebrating the end of another successful school year!Summery End of the Year Student Giftssource: thehappyteacher.coHave a Ball This Summer {And Read!} – Provide a sight word list for each student to remind them to have fun and read.source: yourteachersaide.blogspot.comBeach Ball Autographs – Give them a gift that they can use on the last day of school. Collect autographs from classmates on their end of the year student gift!source: landeeseelandeedo.comSidewalk Chalk – Let’s chalk it up to an amazing school year is just the right touch to giving a gift that encourages activity during the summer.Cool Last Day of SchoolCustom Clipboards – If you’re feeling crafty and you can snag clipboards from the Dollar Tree for $1/piece, then you can totally jazz them up and make these adorable clipboards for each student.They will love using them to sign autographs on the last day of school.Use to make your hearts or another shape like a basketball.source: acupcakefortheteacher.comKrazy Straw Drink Cups – The dollar store may just have these in stock so you can get a class set for $1/piece.Try these krazy straw balloons as a great alternative (and they’re more cost effective too).source: thefirstgradefairytales.blogspot.comCool Summer Popsicles – Give a few popsicles wrapped with a cute tag that says, “Have a cool summer!” You can also use the krazy straw tags for this kool popsicle idea too!source: literacylovescompany.comBouncy Ball – This inexpensive item can easily be purchased from a dollar spot or dollar store. Add bags and a “This year has been a ball!” tag topper to wrap your easy end of the year student gift.Practically Free Gifts to Givesource: classroomdoodles.comEnd of the Year Memory Book – Create your own printable book by selecting the pages you want. Students help create this memory book and it’s free!source: stockpilingmoms.comOwl Miss You  – Fill these cute owl themed lunch sack bags with whatever you want. You can use leftovers from your prize bin, stash photos from classroom moments or even a pair of fun dollar store sunglasses.Don’t forget to treat yourself to an end of the year treat with a Happy Last Day of School t-shirt that’s made just for teachers! You made it – and this just made what to wear on the last day a simple decision. {wink}More End of the Year

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