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Teacher created printable games are fantastic tools to teach curriculum. You’ve got a list here of 65 fun and simple printable games for math and language arts created by teachers that are all free. These are rounded up from the collections I’ve made and from our fantastic Teach Junkie community members. With a collection of great, free printable games like these, you’ll have lots of fun clicking “download” and keeping your downloads folder full {wink}.Share your tip or idea by uploading it to the Teach Junkie community so we can ooh and ahh over it! No blog needed, but if you have a blog, be sure to leave your link so we can read more there if you have more to share. {wink} We are totally excited about getting more games for upper grades – so share yours!These links will take you to the first place these showed up on Teach Junkie – be sure to follow each one from there in order to get to the free downloads.source: firstgradealacarte.blogspot.comDoubles Addition Hopping Game – The free math game board is perfect for adding or multiplying. It’s a great two player game that is ideal for math centers and can work with a six-sided or ten-sided die. {Free download}source: kinder-pond.blogspot.comPlace Value Memory – Students can play memory to match the representation to the numeral. Using the place value blocks students can focus on the groupings in this printable game. {Tens/Ones – Free download}source: swampfrogfirstgraders.blogspot.comPlace Value Scoot – Keep students moving around the classroom as they use a recording sheet and task cards to practice figuring out the value of each card. {Tens/Ones – Free download}Brown Bear Brown Bear Shapes Game – You’ll find two different ways to play this shapes name game with this free Brown Bear Brown Bear Shapes Game. Students can spin and color or pick and color so students can learn how to read the shape names using the familiar book characters and their matching colors.{Free download}Superhero Hundreds Chart Game {Free Printable} –  If you’re working on common core standards that works on counting by ones and tens then this hundreds charts game is perfect. It allows students to manipulate a hundred chart and move along it becoming more familiar with number sense too. What a great free printable for kindergartners and first graders! {Free download}source: primaryinspired.blogspot.comArea Connect Four – This game will introduce students to the concept of finding the area of an object. Brenda’s free download will let students create their own playing board using area models included or numerals. She has directions for this printable game to use it whole group or small group which makes students working hard to find the area no matter what format works for you. {Free download}St. Patrick’s Day Number Word Roll and Cover {Free Download} – This is great for individuals during Math Centers or as a Game similar to the Bump style. Addresses Counting on with dice as well as number word recognition.Spring Addition Game {Free Download} Bee Stinging Sevens – This is a great partner game or individual during centers. Great for use during morning work to review skills or during math centers. This unit helps with number recognition, counting on and partner skills if playing together.St. Patrick’s Day Counting By 2, 5, 10 {Free Download} – Students can use this St. Patrick’s Day Counting By 2, 5, 10 free download game during a math center or for individual practice. Addresses counting by 2′s 5′s and 10′s with a recording sheet for multi-sensory approach with hands on and then individual practice.40 Roll and Cover “Bump” Cool Math Games – One of my favorite collections found here on Teach Junkie! I love the variety of themes, range of math skills and the different variations at the end of the post are so creative. If you haven’t checked out these 40 free printable games, it’s a must.source: teacherstakeout.blogspot.comJar of Luck – A bump or roll and cover game board for student ti practice addition to 12 using dice. The first one to cover 10 clovers is undoubtedly the winner! {Free download}Spring Insect Coin Value Game {Free Download} – Games that are simple to teach how to play and yet great practice are favorites of mine. Here is a classic bump game that works with adding coins together. This game is perfect for spring and first grade and is fun since it uses a spinner. {Free download}source: thebrownbagteacher.blogspot.comLove and War Money Game – A brilliant way to practice adding coins in combination. Students will compare the value of the coins when added together in order to see which player’s card is worth more. Follow the typical “war” playing card rules to find a winner. While this was originally created to be played during Valentine’s, the value of this printable game can last all year.4 ELA Beginning Reader CVC Games {Free Download} – This collection of three teacher created printable games make it easy for a kindergarten or first grade teacher to begin collecting resources. You’ll find aliens, easter eggs and a spring printable game featured for beginning readers.Spin and Read Digraphs – Beach Style {Free Download} – So much fun when we can use a game to practice literacy skills. This game is perfect for advanced kindergarten students or for first graders. It’s a beach themed game where students spin and then read, so they are getting the practice they need reading common words with digraphs and they’ll feel like they are playing a game. {Free download}Spring CVC Spin and Color – This spin and color set of worksheets is perfect for spring and can carry into summer. Practice finding words with matching vowel sounds and then color the word with that sound. {Free download}3 Kindergarten St. Patrick’s Day Sight Word Games – This collection of three free teacher created printable games for kindergarten is a go to set for St. Patrick’s Day. You don’t have to wait until March to use them if your students are ready for them. They are so cute and simple to use that they are ideal for any time of the year to use in guided reading groups.source: firstgradeadventureinteaching.blogspot.comBeat Lucky the Leprechaun – This game has a fun spin since students are trying to win against a leprechaun. With playing cards that tells when the leprechaun gets to steal away some cards and lots of beginning consonant blends to make CCVC words, this game is sure to make students fl-i-p.source: foremanteaches.blogspot.comCause and Effect Scoot – You’ll love this entire post that includes 3 lesson plan ideas on how to model, illustrate and practice identifying cause and effect. Create flip books to define cause and effect, create an anchor chart and get kids moving by practicing identifying in a game of scoot!source: firstgradealacarte.blogspot.com3 Frog and Toad Comprehension Games – If you’re on the hunt to find more fun ways of learning about Frog and Toad (the classic book characters) then you’ll want to be sure to check out these Frog and Toad printable games with comprehension multiple choice cards.Making Words With Bits – Give students practice manipulating ccvc and ccvcc words by changing the vowel, changing common bits (dirgraphs for example) or adding an e to the end. This activity can easily be turned into game mode when students collect cards as points. The weather theme makes this a great activity for all year.Thank you creative teachers  for such imaginative ways to bring fun games into our math and language arts curriculum. Your ideas are great! Thanks for submitting your ideas – grab an “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.More Printable Games

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