6 Free Place Value Printables and Activities

Students can work on place value all throughout the elementary grade levels. Here are 6 place value free printables and math activities to span the grades.With my eyes open for new ideas as I teach my own students, seeing how the concepts I teach are connected to what they will continue to build upon is a neat continuum.Check out these neat and free ideas from some fantastic teachers.Place Value Activitiessource: miss-kindergarten.comIn Kindergarten and first grade the focus on building the concept of tens and ones and seeing the connection between groupings is key.Can students determine what number is the mystery number from using a song and description of the number? {Tens/Ones – Free download}source: kinder-pond.blogspot.comStudents can play memory to match the representation to the numeral.Using the place value blocks students can focus on the groupings. {Tens/Ones – Free download} source: lessonplandiva.comStudents can use their place value blocks to design a picture and figure out the value of it. Can be simplified or extended to meet student needs.Students could first design using concrete blocks and build to using paper representations. {Hundreds – Free download}source: swampfrogfirstgraders.blogspot.comKeep students moving around the classroom as they use a recording sheet and scoot task cards to practice figuring out the value of each card. {Tens/Ones – Free download}source: can use place value blocks and dry-erase materials to build equations and represent them with equations in partners.Strengthening their grasp on number relationships like adding 10 can be manipulative in nature. {Tens – Free download}source: teachinginroom6.blogspot.comTurning place value into a problem solving game – it’s ideal for making students think!Here is a game that using a die and dry-erase materials can have your students talking through the place value options as they try to win by creating the greatest number and comparing with decimal places.source: teachingintheearlyyears.blogspot.caWorking with larger numbers and making them concrete for working towards expanded notation can be done.Color coding, building, pulling apart are all apart of the learning process using tent cards and making major connections. {Free download}I know that if you only teach one grade level, you won’t use every idea here – but it is neat to see the growing relationship between what we do in our own classrooms and the classrooms they came from or will go to.We are ultimately working for the same goals!I hope you found a resource to adapt or idea to try this year as you continue work on place value in your classroom.Thanks fantastic teachers – your ideas are tied right into the Common Core standards. Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your ideas and free downloads are definitely worth the shout out.More Place Value

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