5 “How-To” Writing Prompts

The art of writing prompts on “how-to” often finds its way into a primary classroom. How to writing prompts helps students learn to use transitional words, create structure to their writing pieces and give supporting details. So what are some of the great ideas we can use to practice?Here are some of my favorites that bring out the best from the teaching blog-o-sphere. I hope you find something fantastic that you’d like to introduce to your students.“How-To” Writing Promptssource: thefirstgradeparade.blogspot.com1.  Root Beer Floats – What delicious looking treats these floats are with fluffy, frothy cream and a cherry on top. The finishing touches on these can inspire you to add a little “craftivity” to any of your how to writing pieces.source: rowdyinfirstgrade.blogspot.com2.  Make a Pie – Who wouldn’t want to sample a little pie to celebrate National Pie day in January? This great planning sheet can aid your students in seeing the progression in their writing and practice their transition statements. {Free download}source: joyfullearninginkc.blogspot.com3.  “How to” Anything – Cultivate student interests by letting them write about their interests! Students can write about any topic that appeals to them and see the ideas flow. {Free download}source: mrsisclass.blogspot.com4.  Eat a Gingerbread Man – Doesn’t this one just sound delicious? Seems like we like to write about food… wonder if it relates to being able to connect to our topics? These simple templates will get you started and students thinking about including details into their supporting statements. {Free download}source: fabulousinfirst.blogspot.com5.  Build a Snowman – What does it take to build a snowman? With first, next, next, then and finally students can expand the length of their writing and be sure that it makes sense. It’ll be obvious if we have a single-ball snowman with one eye. These books will break it down step by step. {Free download}Thank you fantastic teachers  – your ideas are so much helpful to build on this area of writing to inform! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.More Writing

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