4 St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts

Ignite the ELA spark in your classroom of writers this St. Patrick’s Day as you share these writing prompts with your students. Students will enjoy these creative and how-to writing opportunities that cover St. Patrick’s Day, yummy shamrock shakes, a leprechaun adventure and disguising a potato. With this range of inspiring ideas, your writers will definitely remember the fun learning that happened in the month of March.These St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts are meant to be ideas to help spark interest and could be adapted to any grade level. Consider what Common Core standards they could help you meet and plug them into your lesson plans. Be sure to let these teachers know if you use their fun ideas or have questions. If you have a writing prompt, share it with teachers in the Teach Junkie community!source: wildrumpusblog.com1. Lots of Luck – I wish good luck for your students as they practice their essay skills on these two writing prompts. There is some themed paper which makes this a great free download for upper grades and if you include the included no homework coupon -you’ve got yourself a St. Patrick’s day hit! {Free download}source: littlemissteacher2012.blogspot.com2 How To Make Shamrock Shakes – Make some delicious shamrock shakes with your students to accompany your how-to writing practice. A sequencing chart is included and the directions for making the shake too. Yummy and inspiring for writers. {no longer available}source:herdingkats.blogspot.com3. How to Plan a Leprechaun Visit –  With 3 writing prompts, a homework letter for a leprechaun trap, scavenger hunt clues and lots of tips for creating “magic” in the classroom. Your class can have a leprechaun come to visit and you’ll enjoy the fantastic writing from them as they enjoy their adventure. {Free download}source: msfultz.blogspot.com4. Great Potato Disguise Contest – Hold a classroom contest to see who can disguise a potato the best. Turn this contest into a writing prompt by having students either support their opinion on which potato they think should earn the most votes to win, or turn it into more of a creative prompt to personify their potato so that it can avoid getting eaten.Thank you fantastic teachers  for such creative sparks to ignite the writers in our classrooms. Your ideas are so much fun! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.More WritingMore St. Patrick’s Day

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