33 St. Patrick’s Day Math Ideas and ELA Activities

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to bring the themed learning into the classroom.  These ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day include free downloads for ELA (English Language Arts), math, crafts and snacks. This collection is a goodie bag for any teacher looking for St. Patrick’s Day ideas and lesson plans.When is St. Patrick’s DaySt. Patrick’s Day is normally celebrated on March 17th. When that falls on a weekend date, most schools will move any celebrations or green-wearing to the Friday before.How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a ClassroomEach classroom celebrates or discusses this Holiday differently. Staff and students can wear green and do themed learning activities to make the day feel different. Some primary teachers take their students on an adventure in search of leprechauns, while others bring in a craft or others focus on bringing in shamrocks into their writing time.Whatever works for you is what goes. There aren’t any steadfast rules or expectations other than wearing green in most schools. So, let’s round up some ideas so you can enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day with your students! Here is your goodie bag all in one place.4 St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts – I collected four writing prompts to help ignite the ELA spark in your classroom. There are 3 free download links in there so you can make shamrock shakes, write an essay, plan a leprechaun visit or hold a contest. {Free download}source: carolinakteacher.blogspot.comShamrock Stationary – Invite any leprechauns to come and visit by writing on this shamrock stationary. Perfect for planning a leprechaun adventure – but be careful what you wish for. {Wink} Leprechauns have the tendency to be pranksters. {Free download}3 Kindergarten St. Patrick’s Day Sight Word Games – Perfect for enhancing with your guided reading groups and literacy centers throughout March. These 3 free download sight word games make learning fun in Kindergarten. {Free download}source: justwildaboutteaching.blogspot.comWriting Freebie – Half page writing prompts are included to help create the writing portion of a “craft”ivity {combine a writing prompt with a craft}. Includes draw and write pages to meet the needs of primary students but also includes more appropriate lines for older grades too. {Free download}4 Lucky Language Arts {Free Download} – Bring March into the classroom with four resources  to focus on nouns, contractions, verbs, adjectives, vocabulary and ending sounds. Includes March themed word wall words. Don’t you just feel lucky having landed on such a jackpot of resources? {Free download}source: morethanmathbymo.blogspot.comABC Order – This set of St. Patrick’s Day words is friendly to use as a personal mini-word wall or an alphabetical ordering cut and paste activity. {Free download} source: primaryinspired.blogspot.comPerimeter Puzzles – Get ’em measuring the St. Patrick’s Day themed shapes. Use a shamrock ruler in order to find the perimeter of the shapes and since there are two worksheets for second or third grade, you could have students check a partner’s work which means they’ll be working even harder. {Free download}2 Fun Activities for St. Patrick’s Day Math – I set up the perfect problem solving and pattern activities using Lucky Charms cereal for kindergarten or fifth grade. You’ll also find an interactive way to find the missing addends using golden chocolate coins – a leprechaun currency at its best!source: technologyinearlychildhood.wordpress.comQR Codes (Counting to 20) – Get the codes or learn how to use QR codes to practice any variety of skills to match your curriculum. This is a great way to give students a techy, but simple way to check their work. {Free download}source: teacherstakeout.blogspot.comJar of Luck – A bump or roll and cover game board for student ti practice addition to 12 using dice. The first one to cover 10 clovers is undoubtedly the winner! {Free download}7 St. Patrick’s Day Math Free Downloads  –  This is one of my favorite collection on Teach Junkie since I think the variety is fantastic. You’ll find a few games that practice solid concepts with simple games that have a twist from the typical. {Free download}Thank you fantastic teachers  for such great ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the classroom. Your ideas are so much fun! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.What’s Next? Think Spring!Spring Activities

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