3 Ways to Use a Comic Strip Writing Template

Create comic strips with simple pre-made templates. Here are three ways to use a comic strip as a way to make writing fun. Comic strips are a fun way to practice all kinds of language arts skills and they are great to hook hesitant writers too. Use these simple templates with 3, 4, 5 and 6 scene boxes to give students a starting structure so that they can write their own comic strip!Source: thecurriculumcorner.comComic Strip Writing IdeasUse a comic strip to give additional practice in new ways. One fun way is to have students create a scenario where a homonym gets someone into trouble – perfect for a homonym unit. You could also use this to show off any kind of grammar concept – simply have the students trace over the grammar examples in a colored pencil to make them stand out.You can transfer the use of a comic strip into other content areas like science. Have students illustrate the cycle of something, or a concept with multiple stages using a comic strip. Be sure to have a silly pun or joke on hand that they can use and run with to help get ideas flowing!Turn a comic strip into a planning sheet. If you have hesitant or reluctant writers, perhaps this is the ideal way to help them get their ideas on to paper with limited amounts of text. Yet anyone could create a comic strip set up to plan a story and then transfer their ideas into a longer written, more traditional format – each box representing a paragraph or a piece of dialogue.Continue Reading On The Blog| Submit Your Tip |More Writing

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