18 Quick Telling Time to the Hour Resources

Teaching how to tell time start with learning telling time to the hour and half hour. Here are 18 quick resources including activities, telling time worksheets and printables.I hope you find these free teacher-created resources and lesson plan ideas helpful.Let’s start by checking out some activities to practice telling time to the hour.What Time is It? ActivitiesSource: first-grade-smiles.blogspot.com1. Paper Plate Snowman Clock – Two large paper plates makes a super-cute and handy telling time snowman.Source: howtohomeschoolmychild.com2. Body Time – Get your kinesthetic learners engaged by forming the clock hands with their entire body!3. DIY Make Your Own Clock – Using two colors of paper to make a telling time manipulative clock. Works for any grade.Source: madefor1stgrade.com4. Stop the Clock – A fast-paced, interactive online game for kids to practice matching the time.Source: momto2poshlildivas.com5. Two Halves Easter Egg Activity – Create this for any level of telling time. Draw times on the halves of an Easter egg for students to match up.Matching Games – PrintableSource: loryevanspage.blogspot.com6. Time to Go Camping – A bingo-style game for two players. Students roll the dice, cover the matching clock and the first camper with all spaces covered wins!Source:keenonkindergarten.blogspot.com7. What Time is it – Connecting to The Grouchy Ladybug, this bingo-style spinner game focuses on telling time out loud for working in partners.8. Digital and Analog Clock Matching – Match up the digital clock card to the analog time card and complete the recording sheet writing down the times on the card with the correlating letter.Source: havefunteaching.com9. Time For Sunshine – Match the sunglasses analog clock with the sunshine digital time cards. Includes 2 telling time worksheets.Source: peacelovelearning.blogspot.com10. Batter Up – A baseball themed math center to match the baseball clocks to the player with the correct digital time.Source: thebubblyblondeteacher.blogspot.com11. Spooky Cat Time – A cat themed set of analog clock cards and matching recording sheet.Telling Time Worksheets12. Hip Hoppin Around the Clock – A cut and paste activity for sequencing the numbers on an analog clock.13. Snowman Time to the Hour –  This simple snowmen worksheet connects with time to the hour and half hour.ResourcesSource: steppingintofirstgrade.blogspot.com14. Math Journal – A one week journal for first grade students to answer questions about the clock and support their answers with words and pictures.Source: Time Chant – Connect math to your literacy block with a chant about time. Also a hula-hoop clock and set of matching printables.Source: teachingsahoot1.blogspot.com16. Short and Tall Hands – Helping students learn the clock hand functions with the simple song “I’m a Little Tea Pot.”17. Hickory Dickory Dock – Using the familiar nursery rhmye, this video illustration of how the clock works is a great introduction to telling time for kindergarten and first grade.Anchor ChartSource: firstgradeglitterandgiggles.blogspot.com18. Measuring Time – Keep this handy reference on how to measure time posted in your classroom.I hope you found these quick resources and lesson ideas to be helpful. Thanks talented teachers – your printables and lessons are great!Share your teaching idea here on Teach Junkie. We love hearing from teachers, teacher-bloggers and from you! Join the Teach Junkie Community and be a part of this collaborative blog.| SUBMIT YOUR TIP |More Math

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