17 Simple End of the School Year Student Gifts and Writing Activities

Bring on the end of the school year fun with these simple student gifts and writing activities.Many of these end of the school year gifts can be created inexpensively and there are free tags to go with many of them.You’ll be sure to find something that will work for you or be inspired to create your own end of the school year gift or writing activity.End of the School Year Student Giftssource: swimmingintosecond.com1. Have a Ball this Summer – You can sign your name and attach it to a deflated beach ball. You can find beach balls at the dollar store or sometimes in bargain bins at the beginning of summer.What a fun summer gift to send students off with. {Free download}2. Summer is a Ball – Give a beach ball to each student and attach this cute saying. {Free download}source: todayinfirstgrade.blogspot.com3. Rollin’ and Shakin’ Good Summer – What a clever way to give students an activity in a tiny little package. Print the rules to simple games that kids can play during the summer on the back of your gift tag.Include cute wrapping for a set of dice, and this will cost you under $5 for an entire class gift. Brilliant! {Free download}Have you already got your end of the year teacher shirt? Here are my current favorites. Hurry – there’s still time to order.source: acupcakefortheteacher.blogspot.com4. You’re One in a Melon – Show students how much you think of them by giving them this cute saying and candy gift.Tie up a small amount of watermelon candy and attach this free printable gift tag. Perfect summer theme, don’t you think? {Free download}source: the-learningtree.blogspot.com5. O”fish”ally a Second Grader – While I’m on a candy theme, send home a bag of sweedish fish or even gold fish crakers with students.They’re sure to feel o”fish”al when you add this cute printable gift tag to it. {Free download}End of the School Year Student Photo Giftssource: littlestscholars.blogspot.com6. School Memories CD – Do you take a lot of photos throughout the year? Here’s a tip on compiling them into a photo cd to give to each student. It’s a perfect way to share memories without any ink.source: doodlebugsteaching.blogspot.com7. Framed Class Photo – If you can find inexpensive photo frames, then this idea is a cinch.Simply print your entire class photo and wrap them in simple brown paper to give to each student. Make it special by writing a personal note on the back of each.source: bainbridgeclass.blogspot.com8. Photo Cover for Memory Books – I’ve never seen this idea before when considering creating a memory book.I love how this teacher give her tutorial on using a folder as the front and back cover for a student’s memory book and its covered in pictures of the student.I want to figure out a way to do this fast digitally since I’m not a scrapbooker, but I love the look.9. Gift Scavenger Hunt – Turn giving your gifts into a scavenger hunt and make the gift giving fun! I think whenever we plan out of the ordinary to hook our students, it is like giving a gift in itself.Print and hide these color clue cards that will lead your class to their goodbye gifts or another activity. {Free download}End of the School Year Writing Activitiessource: teacherytidbits.blogspot.com10. The Berry Best Thing – This writing craftivity is adorable. Created for kindergarten and first grade, use blueberries and strawberries as the simple yet adorable background to a free printable writing template.Wouldn’t this be cute as part of a picnic theme for an end of the year celebration? {Free download}source: fun-in-first.blogspot.com11. Letters to Students and Teachers – You’ve got two writing activities in one place. Get students writing!Have students write their recommendations and tips to next year’s students and have them write to their teacher for next year.Simple and perfect for the end of the school year! {Free downloads}source: teacherideafactory.blogspot.com12. Memory Makers – What a cute craftivity to focus on a memory and “capture” it.Can’t you see also using this to teach a “zoom in” moment for writing as writer’s are building their craft and voice? Love it and think it would also make a great memory book cover. {Free download}source: bainbridgeclass.blogspot.com13. I Remember When – If you’ve got an assortment of photos, print out a whole bunch and offer student choice. Let students write about a memory from the school year and a background to go with it.This could be a great hallway display or even to create a class writing quilt. {Free download}source: thirdgradeisahoot.blogspot.com14. “This Year” Memory Book – Jotting down notes and paragraphs about the year in reflection will be simple with this free memory book.It features a large face on each page to also make it a coloring book for when students finish writing. Great for those flexible times the last two weeks of school. {Free download}source: 4thgradefrolics.blogspot.com15. My Memories and Me Book – Here is a half page book that will offer your students writing space to jot down their favorite memories. What a neat format to create a writing package at the end of the school year. {Free download}16. Take a Bite out of Summer – This watermelon craftivity is cute and will have your students writing about something in their grade level that is “seed”sational.Cute, right?You can create it with your students for free. You can even embellish it with two painted handprints holding the watermelon. {Free download}source: tellsofatitle1teacher.blogspot.com17. Summer Countdown – This download is designed to give you a set of countdown activities for third grade but can be used for other grade levels too.Create a countdown chain and get students writing by having them predict what might occur tomorrow, write about which activity was their favorite in a week’s time or create their own countdown chain for a character in a familiar book based on their profile. {Free download}Ready for more end of the year? You’ve got to check out these 26 Fun and Memorable End of the School Year Celebration Ideas.Thanks to these teachers for their free downloads and ideas that are memorable and fun. Your ideas are fabulous! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.Linked to End of Year Gifts Tricks of the TradeMore End of the School Year

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