16 Spring and Easter Math Ideas

Ignite the math spark in your classroom with these activities for math that are Easter and spring themed . Students enjoy sorting, graphing, adding, ordering, journaling and more since many of these math activities have a free download.With this range of inspiring ideas, your primary mathematicians will definitely enjoy the colors of spring as they work on building their math skills.source: wildaboutteaching10.blogspot.com1. Jellybean Sorting and Graphing – Sort and graphing jelly beans can make a fun spring and Easter themed math activity. This will help meet kindergarten Common Core standards for sorting and categorizing by count. {Free download}source: Bunny Mallow Counting – Counting, sorting, graphing and predicting are all included in this pack put together for young students learning to count or organize information. These will work great for a small group or individual activity. {Free download}source: theresourseroom.blogspot.com3. Addition Sort – Simple addition problems can bring spring fever into your classroom. Give students the opportunity to practice addition using a number line and has a free worksheet to record answers. {Free download}source: firstgradealacarte.blogspot.com4. Doubles Hoppin’ – The free math game board is perfect for adding or multiplying. It’s a great two player game that is ideal for math centers and can work with a six-sided or ten-sided die. {Free download}source: kinderblossoms.blogspot.com5. Easter Addition Book – Combine both reading problem stories and writing simple addition sentences for kindergarten by creating the Easter addition booklet. Students can color it too. {Free download}source: primaryinspiration.blogspot.com6.  Egg Fact Sort – Perfect for working on Common Core standards in first grade 1.OA.1 and second grade 2.OA.2 these sorting mats and eggs will help students practice organizing their math facts. {Free download}source: differentiatedkindergarten.com7. Subtraction Bump – Bring in the Easter eggs as playing pieces for students to lay claim to their  egg-holder game board. This idea can be adapted to any grade level and bump game activity to meet your students’ needs but includes a free download to subtraction cards within 5 and 10 for kindergarten. {Free download}source: talesfromoutsidetheclassroom.com8. Math Warm-Ups –  Work on basic skills with these free worksheets for first grade. Designed to be daily warm-ups for students that works on a variety of math standards. {Free download}source: luckeyfrogslilypad.blogspot.com9. Measurement Hop – If your common core standards hit measurement in second grade, then this free activity is for you. This teacher lists out the materials you’ll need and your students will get great practice analyzing their own data with a partner. {Free download}source: downunderteacher.blogspot.com10. Ordinal Number Worksheets – These are great free worksheets for second grade or year 2 students to practice ordering to the tenth using the word and digit form. The spring bugs makes it fun – your students could always act it out to make it interactive. {Free download}source: acupcakefortheteacher.blogspot.com11. Bunny Mallow Sorting – These free download worksheets can make collecting and analyzing data fun – especially since it includes yummy bunny mallows. These will help students work on organizing data too. {Free download}source: livelovelaughkindergarten.blogspot.com12. Numbers Even and Odd Sort – Sort numbers on Easter eggs from 0-20 into groups to show if they are even or odd. Includes a recording sheet. {Free download}source: littlemissteacher2012.blogspot.com13. “Egg”spanded Form – This can feel like a game as students pick egg playing cards that have numbers on them. Students use the free worksheet to record the number, number name and expanded form. This could also be used for composing and decomposing into tens and ones with ten frames for higher level kindergarten students. {no longer available}source: fernsmithsclassroomideas.com14. April Fools Journal Prompts – Create a mini-book of prompts or select the ones that’ll work for your class. There are five math prompts that cover number writing, addition, subtraction, graphs and comparison for second or third grade. {Free download}source: frogsandcupcakes.blogspot.com15. Spring Symmetry – If you are working on symmetry and translations, then bring in a little paint to make it fun and make it count! Janaye shows this great activity to create two different symmetry projects that’ll let in the spring factor into your classroom.source: rundesroom.com16. “Egg”cellent Multiples – Perfect for older grades, but the shaped foldable can translate to any grade level. Students create an organized list using the multiples and decorate it to make theirs unique. (Sample Egg Free Download Template)Thank you creative teachers  for such imaginative ways to work on our math skills in our classrooms. Your ideas make me excited to be a teacher! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.More MathMore Themed MathMore Spring Activities

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