11 Valentine’s Day Gift Printables {Goodie Bag}

Valentine’s Day  simple gift printables makes it easy for a teacher to give student gifts!  All of these free downloads for Valentine’s Day can help make choosing the perfect gift for your class a snap and inexpensive!These are shared by fabulous women with fantastic skills and a loving heart!  It is a joy to share each of these with you as I enjoy promoting teachers and the hard work the do!  I hope you find something fantastic that you’d like to make for this Valentine’s Day.1.  Butterfly Suckers – Simple to cut and make slits for suckers – you can add your own touch to these Valentines. These gifts could even be added to as a Valentine activity so that each student can add to them and pass them on – taking the gift of love and paying it forward!source: creativepreschoolresources.com2.  Color My World – Make gorgeous gifts from your stash of crayons and let students know that they color your word. This sweet project will be sure to make each gift unique – just like your students!source: rundesroom.com3.  Cootie Catcher – Perfect for students in the older grades. These 5 cootie catchers will keep them entertained or be perfect for adding a little learning right into your holiday fun since a blank template is included.source: blonde-designs.squarespace.com4.  Lip and Moustache Lollipops – Fun and a touch of humor makes adding a foam moustache to a lollipop the perfect treat to make your students smile. With sweet tags to wrap onto the stick, these’ll be fun for either girls or boys.source: mrsminersmonkeybusiness.com5.  Bananas Over You – Let your students know just how bananas you are over them with these printables. You’ll get four to a page which makes a great way to save on ink. But, if that wasn’t enough- these cuties are puzzles that your students can make!source: myldsprojects.blogspot.com6.  Blow Me Away – Bring on the bubbles with printable tags that say, “U Blow Me Away.” Simple attach to a small bottle of bubbles and you’ve got a gift that keeps on giving. What a relaxing way to end a Valentine’s Day party.source: littlemisskindergarten.blogspot.com7.  Lovebug Pencils – Why not gift students a gift that they can use in the classroom? A Valentine printable that has heart-shaped spotted ladybug will be the perfect holder for new pencils for each of your little love bugs.source: kindergartenworks.com8.  Doh You Want to Be Mine – Tired of giving candy or want to do something different? Giving a tub of playdough (even the teeny sized ones) can make for a fun change. Have a few extra minutes in your day – its the right time to let them crack open and create with their gift or make your own math manipulatives for the day!source: technologyrocksseriously.com9.  Clever and Subway – With clever sayings like, “Valentine, I {heart} you more than Starbucks” and beautiful subway art Valentines… you’ll love these 12 printables from Shannon. Turn these free downloads into a simple card and hand write a note to each of your students and that makes these completely free! [no longer available]source: theteacherwife.blogspot.com10.  Glowing Heart – This heart shaped free download is perfect taped onto a glow stick. Perfect for older grades, students will love to know that they make your heart glow!source: growingkinders.blogspot.com11. Knock My Socks Off – If you ever use socks for dry erase markers or just want to let your smarties know how they floor you – these tags will be just the right fit for your Valentines day.Thank you fantastic teachers {and ladies} – your ideas are so much fun! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.

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