11 Free St. Patrick’s Day Primary Printables

Teach standards on St. Patrick’s Day with quality, free printables. Here are 11 free downloads for primary grades teachers to bring the Luck o’ the Irish into your classroom.These St. Patrick’s Day themed printables cover math, language arts and treats – making it all feel fun!If you like to give your students something fun to take home on the holidays consider these treats for your lucky ones, who truly are lucky to have you as a teacher!How about baggies full of Lucky Charms?If you’ve got 6 sided, 8 sided or 10 sided die, then this St. Patrick’s Day Doubles Cover-Up Game will meet your needs to practice addition doubles facts.This idea can work with skittles or licorice but will be a tasty way to tell your students that you’re over the rainbow for them!What a cute St. Patrick’s Day poem to tie into the holiday and be sure to check out the matching word cards and fill in the blank worksheet that these authors created to go with.Bring in the Lucky Charms as bingo markers and increase your students’ vocabulary. You’ll love that there are 30 boards included in this Things that are Green Bingo free printable.What standard could you practice with such great pictures?Students will build their counting by fives skills and seeing grouping of tally marks in this Happy St. Patrick’s Day Tally Mark Game. Includes multiple choice answers – get it right to move around the game board.Add a die and markers for students to practice Lucky Times Telling Time to the Half Hour makes this game a cinch for a teacher to pull together for St. Patrick’s day themed learning. Includes answer key.Students will use game cards to answer and move along the game board by using their knowledge of counting money. Focuses on dollar bills in denominations of 1’s, 5’s, 10’s and 20’s.Students will focus on comprehension and recalling important information from this St. Patrick’s day book by playing on this great Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato Question/Answer game board.Questions are included making this game a snap for the teacher.Create a memorable treat bag with spring Oreo cookies.Their middles are yellow and they truly add to the pot of gold feeling especially when accompanied by these cute Oreo Pot of Gold Treats printable tags.Kathy is a master game maker and you’ll love that her game boards come in all themes, styles and practice many skills!This Pot o’ Words one is a spinner game that will have students substituting phonemes and improving their CVC reading skills.There you have a great set of St. Patrick’s Day printables for primary grades.Looking for more? I’ve got your back. Check out these 29 Free St. Patrick’s Day Learning ResourcesMore St. Patrick’s Day

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