10 Cool Expanded Form Teacher Helpers

Working on expanded form in math? Here are cool math ideas to practice the Common Core expanded form. Worksheets, games, DIY projects, place value freebies and a video.Have you seen? The Teach Junkie math section is growing in numbers of pictured tutorials and collections with free lesson plans for how to teach math so you can always search there if you’’re looking for something different. {wink}What’s your tip for teaching expanded form? Share with us fellow teach junkies!Expanded Form Printables1. Reading and Writing Numbers – Write numbers in written form, standard form, expanded form and find the correct form. Designed for 3rd through 5th grade.2. Writing Big Numbers – Use this graphic organizer over and over in a sheet protector to help students visualize expanded form with six digit numbers.3. Expanded Form Campfire Game – It’s a race! Reading numbers written in expanded form is the way to play for 2nd graders who need to read numbers up to 1,000.4. Roll, Draw Expand! – Students use dice and base ten blocks to roll digits for a 3-digit number, draw it and then build it.DIY Expanded Form Activities5. Expanded Notation Cups – Use styrofoam cups to teach expanded notation. Stack, match and set a time limit to turn it into a game.6. What’s My Number – This flap book shows a number in all forms: standard, illustrated, expanded form and as a number word. Includes a worksheet too.7. Expanded Form Write the Room – An activity that gets 2nd-3rd grade kids moving around the room while working on math. They use a recording sheet to track what they find.8. Expanded vs. Standard Form Sorting – A second grade sorting activity to put cards into word form, expanded form and standard form categories.Ways to Teach Expanded Form9. Expanded Form Video – A four minute video that uses a slinky as a visual to model to explain pulling a number apart into it’s groups of hundreds, tens and ones.10. Ways to Show a Number – Create an anchor chart to help students understand why expanded form represents the number as it does using other references like money, words, base ten blocks and equations.There you have it – cool resources to help teach expanded form! Teacher helpers to make your teaching life easier.More Math activities

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