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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What are New in Google Hummingbird Update in Search Algorithm

google hummingbird updateRecently, Google has announced a major change in search algorithm. This change codename is Hummingbird. It has been said that Hummingbird update is to provide the best and more related results fast. It is a bigger change in search algorithm since Caffeine Update in 2010. Google said it will affect about 90% on a website.

What are New in Hummingbird Update?

1. Long Complex Queries

Now people have started searching with long phrases, sentences and with advanced ways rather than simple words. So it has been a challenge to entertain visitors. To provide the best and related information, Google improved its algorithm for more complex search quires. Form now, more complex search queries can be used to search content on Google. The purpose of this change is to understand what a searcher wants.

2. More Intelligent Search Results:

Now Google can answer long question better intelligently. Users can ask Google to compare two items, generate a list of songs from a particular artist, or pull statistics about the Eiffel Tower. For example, if you want to compare the “nutritional benefits of olive oil and coconut oil” (something a Google executive showed off at the event), you won't just be given a list of websites with relevant content. But, you will see all the nutritional information in the form of a comparison on result page. That means, you don’t need to click on any result for information.
One more example, if you search for the phrase “closest place to buy iPhone5s to my home”, you will find the shops of your location that sell iPhone5s. For this you have to share your location on Google.

3. Advanced Voice-based Search

Google has improved its voice-based search as well in latest hummingbird update. People speak differently, and write differently. So voice-based queries are different, and sometimes more complex than text-based ones. Now people are using smartphones and tablets to search the internet and number of smartphone users is increasing, where they mostly use voice-based search. So, Google designed new algorithm to understand voice based search queries better than before. Google now also supports various dialects and accents which is helpful to international users (outside the U.S).
Google also showed off more advanced voice queries, in which your computer or tablet will answer back to you. "Voice will be fundamental to building future interactions with the devices [we use]," says Singhal. You can also receive voice response for particular search.

4. High Authority and Related Sites

Now Google considers page rank, quality, authority sites and related sites greatly. It has been found for a month that high authority sites get higher searching ranking. For example, If you searched for the phrase “pizza hut calories per slice”, you might get the answer that might not be form pizza hut sites. But now you will see related Pizza Hut sites reference. One more example, if you search for any legal information, you will be given high authority sites like court, law enforcing authority or government site.

What You Should Do Now

Google said the new hummingbird update will affect websites 90% as it is a major update in algorithm. But it has not given any details without something major change. Experts and webmasters are working to find out new changes in the latest hummingbird update.
As Google said the old process and system remains unchanged and only added new features, you don’t need to worry much. You can do your optimization as before. Subscribe us to get latest news and information of Google Hummingbird Update. Wish you all the best.

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